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CD Cover Art
  Track Listing
   1. MT. Blasta
   2. Mullet Cut
   3. Crowley Dissertation
   4. Bill Gates
   5. Red Eyed Wonder
   6. I Ain't No Adobe Hut
   7. Bubble Boy
   8. Sheets
   9. Manhog's Day in the Park
  10. BH Goes to a Freak
  11. Sex Doily
  12. Sex Doily II
  13. Nahmani

  Release 01/14/97  
  Rating ***** out of ****  
  Catalog LGR0009 
  UPC 61569500092
****NOTE**** We are out of "HOST" temporarily...(REISSUE PLANNED  FOR PRINTING) We encourage buying from independent shops... More Cds by Critters Buggin - Amoeba - Bumpa - Guest - Vinyl