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Critters Buggin - Live In 95 at the OK HOTEL - Seattle
aka Sorry For The Reverb (DOWNLOAD ONLY release)

The CRITTERS BUGGIN central command and biscuit shoppe presents a new live download of a show from 1995 with the original line up - Skerik, Matt, Brad and John Bush is out now!! Skerik says "It's frickin crazy and it's got OG John Bush on percussion, samples and analog synth!! Listen to the creation happen from inside the WOMB!! 1995, date unknown, recordist unknown, where is that reverb coming from and why?""

Critters Buggin - get the clacker valve and old clobberd biscuits out and smack the grand ham clappers mother: live in warsaw, poland DVD

CRITTERS BUGGIN LIVE IN WARSAW POLAND DVD!! Plus incomprehensible short films made in JAPAN by the perplexing WORD PUBLIC!! ROBOBONES threatens all studios with dynamic presence!! Sappy all family slideshows will put a blush on ya from 1993 to the present!!! Bruce Bickford gets gooey with clay animation video!! It's all here on the one and only CRITTERS BUGGIN DVD!! Full color digipak artwork with wounded teddy bear, yes those are real maggots baby!!!! Get it today!!!!!!!

Critters Buggin "Stampede" CD

Critters Buggin returns with their first CD since 1999.
Released on September 7, 2004

Guest (Reissue) CD

Originally released in 1994 and out of print for years, we bring you the one that started it all... the first Critters Buggin record with new artwork and digi-pac packaging.

Host (Reissue) CD

Originally released in 1997 and out of print for years, we bring you the companion piece to Guest and the sophomore release from Critters Buggin with new artwork and digi-pac packaging.

Monkeypot Merganzer (Reissue) CD

Originally released in limited quanitities in 1997 and out of print for years, we bring you the until now very hard- to- find release from Critters Buggin with new artwork and digi-pac packaging.

Bumpa (Reissue) CD

Originally released in 1998 and out of print for years, we bring you the outstanding release from Critters Buggin with new artwork and digi-pac packaging.

Amoeba CD
Recorded at Matt Chamberlain's Studio "The Craft" and Produced by Critters Buggin, This Gem Calls out to Nasa and Puget Sound Energy. An Ambient Recording that Gears for the Soul to Turn the Lights Down Way Low and Spoon Up to the Heavens. The Disc Breaks Tradition & Sparks New Neurological Pathways of Mind, Body, & Reality! Amoeba Swallows your Setting and Gels to Space Baby!

Space Muffla, Sonic Broom, Slow and Bulbous, Taint, Imperial Turkey Blister, Emperor Chi Chi, D Lab II, Hairy Partched, Beaver Builds a Dam

Critters Buggin Poster
Limited edition December '06 poster (only 100 printed!)
18" x 24" Hand letterpress from F2 Design
Winner of poster of the week by The Stranger, the Seattle newspaper.

Skerik Tank Top
Artwork by Koko. Available in men's and women's sizes!

Critters Buggin T-Shirts
All T-Shirts are Fashionable at Dinner Parties and a mere $20.00. Designs are Original Works of Art by the Master Himself, Maurice Caldwell Jr; These shirts are American Apparel, sweatshop free.

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The Dead Kenny G's T-shirt

American Apparel (sweatshop free) - 100% combed cotton
Black Dead Kenny black t-shirt with logo on back.
Artwork by Les Claypool

New Cassettes were Found in the Last Remaining Loosegroove Warehouse, Whereas All other Product has been Missing or Out of Print, a Discovery of Monumental Proportions has been Unearthed: Critters Buggin GUEST Cassettes and HOST cassettes!!!!!!!!! Both these Babys have Full Color Original Artwork, Super High Quality Audio, and Were Paid for in Full by Mr.Sony Himself!!!! The HOST Cassette even has RED Cassette Shells!!!!!!!! They are Shrink Wrapped and Ready for Sale for only $6.00!!!! Remember How You Felt when Good Shit #1 Went Out of Print? Well Don't Let that Happen again! Order these Collectors Items Now!!!!!!!!!!!

The First Release from Critters Buggin. Produced by Stone Gossard. This Break Thru Album Influenced Many Professional Musicians and Put the Live Groove Back to Seattle Where It Always Belonged.

Shag, Kickstand Hog, Critters Theme, T-Ski, 5/4 L.T.D.,Fretless Nostril, Double Pot Roast Backpack, Naked Truth, Los Lobos

(Click Album Image for Sound Bites-Info-Notes)

The Second Release by Critters Buggin. A Pure Masterpiece from Beginning to End. Produced by Eric Rosse. You Will Become a Financial Success and Sleep Very Well After Purchasing this CASSETTE.

Mount Blasta, Mullet Cut, Crowley Dissertaion, Bill Gates, Red Eyed Wonder,I Ain't No Adobe Hut, Bubble Boy, Sheets, Manhog's Day in the Park, B.H. Goes to a Freak, Sex Doily Intro, Sex Doily, Nahmani


Matt Chamberlain Company 23 - VINYL or DOWNLOAD

Company 23 was created by drummer,Composer Matt Chamberlain. Inspired by analog synths blasting out of bass amps, experimental electronic music and the spirit of Improv.The Guest musicians are Bill Rieflin (Ministry,Swans, REM) Synths , Bill Horist (Guitar), Kaveh Rastegar (Bass) and Dan Phelps (Drum/Synth processing,Piano). It will be released late Feb/March of 2012 and will be available on 180 gram Clear Vinyl in a beautiful package designed by Faith Coliccia. Limited to 1000 pieces along with a Digital Download which includes one bonus track!


Matt Chamberlain CD

Solo album by Critters drummer...

The Dead Kenny G's - Operation Long Leash CD

Finally, the sophomore release from THE DEAD KENNY G's!!!!!

The Dead Kenny G's - Bewildered Herd CD

Finally, the debut release from THE DEAD KENNY G's!!!!!

The BLACK FRAMES: 3/4 of the Size of Critters Buggin in Texas at 10 Finger Jack's Saloon Presenting Earl Harvin in the Back Parlor Rolling his Skin and Up to Something Down Right No Good Funky! But the Enigma of the Matter more Mystifying than a Convention of Worm-Hole Conceptual Physicians is the Fact that Fate's Entire Master Plan to have Stanton Moore amid a Sawblade + a Smile Lose His Lone Pair of Super-String Theory Black in Contrast Spectacles Makes this Collaberation Beyond Comprehension! Go figure!? Nonetheless, It's True: By Listening to this Music: You become Saved! Peter Popoff Lurches Out from the Bright Corners of Your Mind + Touches + Fondles your Forehead with True Divine Intervention of Spirit, Dandruff Flakes, + Passion! Critics will be Meeting Behind Closed Doors in Back Alleys to Discuss the Disc's 9 Deep Groovin' Tracks Scribed as a Whole: "SOLARALLERGY". Like the above Synopsis already States: Earl Harvin, Mike Dillon, Brad Houser, + Skerik. 'nuff Said...

25 Billion Stars Per Human, French Farse, Hafta, Sonic Vapor, Mallet Cut, Turbulance, White Envelopes, Gophers, Lucky Dog.
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BETA POPES - White Hate CD



Bobby Previte | Jamie Saft | Skerik - Live in Japan 2003 DVD
Limited edition and only released in Japan - Only available here!

(Quicktime required)

Left For Dead In Seattle CD

10 years of Dead tracks recorded in Seattle

Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet - Live At The Triple Door CD

Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet follows up the release of their classic 2007 studio album Husky with the perfect companion piece, Live At The Triple Door. Multi-tracked at the venerable Seattle jazz venue, the band winds their way through seven torrid performances, including “Summer Pudding,” “Taming The Shrew” and “The Third Rail.” Adding distinguished flourishes to the Syncopated Taint Septet on this evening is both a string section and the acclaimed Seattle vocalist Om Johari.

Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet CD

Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet: skerik, the superb saxamaphonist from seattle makes his long awaited solo debut with ropeadope. what is jazz? skerik has his own views here which mix equal parts monk, coleman, mingus and miles with dashes and spalshes of avant-out joy. do not be afraid. be afraid.

Skerik - Psychochromatic CD
Recorded at Aleph Studio by Randall Dunn & Mel Dettmer. Skerik Goes Solo and Lets his Mind Shine and Spill All Over the Floor. This Disc is Filled with Madness & Beauty--Psychedelica and Peanut Butter! Track 5 Features Craig Flory on Flute, Bass Clarinet, and Saxaphones. If You're a Skerik Fan, You Instantly Turn Happy--Digital ZEN!: Psychochromatic is a Top-Level Headphone Experience.

Adoption, Elemental, Koko Ruth, Bari White, Spiritual, West Seattle Massacre, E.M. Peon, Skycrutch, Beneath the Planet


Skerik - sax
Ron Weinstein - Hammond B-3
Keith Lowe - bass
Mike Stone - drums
Brad Mowen - vocals

All songs by Crack Sabbath except 3,4 by Charles Mingus, 5 by Kurt Cobain/Nirvana, 6 by James Brown, 7 by Neil Hefti, 9 by Chester Thompson, and 10 by Miles Davis.


GARAGE A TROIS - Always Be Happy, But Stay Evil CD

After the success of the quartet’s 2009 release, Power Patriot, Garage A Trois headed to Studio In The Country in Bogalusa, LA (where masterpieces by The Neville Brothers, Stevie Wonder and The Wild Magnolias have been cut) to record with revered engineer/producer Randall Dunn (Cave Singers, Black Mountain, Sun City Girls). As has become the band’s primary focus in its current incarnation, a laser sharp focus was applied to capturing Garage A Trois’ sinewy, fourth-dimensional, polychromatic instrumental songwriting. The resulting album, Always Be Happy, But Stay Evil, will only fuel the fire for a growing legion of fans amassing around the most dangerous instrumental band on the scene today.

GARAGE A TROIS - Power Patriot CD

Refined melodies and positively modern approach to instrumental songwriting is at the heart of their long-awaited new album, Power Patriot.


The original motion picture soundtrack to Outre Mer, an upcoming French Film. This ultra-funky studio session was written especially for the movie and was recorded all acoustic, all live!

Ponga: Ponga CD
Ponga's 1st Release on Stone Gossard's (belly up) Loosegroove Label--The Music You've Always Wanted to Hear but Were Afraid to Listen. Serving the Swami Late Plate of 100 % Pure Improvistational Sounds, Skerik, Dave Palmer, Wayne Horvitz, + Bobby "order up, ding" Previte Align + Deliver Everything You Need to Enchance Your Auditory System! Whether You're Grand Pappy Likes It or Not, The Solution to the Square Root of Jazz times Pi Equals Ponga--Equals NOW!

Tracks will be entered soon

(Click Album Image for Sound Bites-Info-Notes)

Ponga - Psychological CD
Here's What One Expert Said, "Broken is the Golden Bowl, the Spirit Flown Forever and Edgar Allan Poe Went in to Chen's China Palace on the Corner of 19th and Clement and Started Winging Beautiful Saucers, Exquistite Platters--Grand Dishes and Plates! The Floor Rang Out with Hand Painted China---All thru the Streets of San Francisco the Golden Aria Could be Heard Stitching thru Torn Clouds Like A Darning Thread, even at the Police Station. Upon Investigation and Interogation Leading to Poe's Explaination: "Somethings Must Be Proven Before One's Final Dinner Bell Sounds", Mr. Chen Pleaded with Police Simply Not to Press Charges, but Chanted to his Deceased Cousin in Concord: "I Met Great Fortune Cookie Scribe! I Met Great Fortune Cookie Scribe!"


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Ponga: The Remixes CD
A Tingly Sensation Will Come Over You and You Gain a Conceptual Understanding of Circuitry and Cartography that Adheres to Your Complete Control. The Clear Lack of Design by Libra Design Offers 11 tracks Including Remixes by Amon Tobin, Fila Brazillia, Spacetime Continuum, + More for Your Analytical Pleasure + Egocentric Delight! Not to mention, a Fromunda Mix by Sadhappy Great--Even Schiller!! This Disc is a Sure Bet to Label you as the Freakest Geek On Your Block!

Silencio, Naugahide(remix), Pimba(remix), Pimba(remix), Pick Up the Pieces of Saturn(Freakency Remix), Pick Up the Pieces of Saturn(Mosh Mix), Hidden Propolsion Unit(Mix), Liberace in Space(Ponga Party Mix), Naugahide(remix), + Come As You Went

(Click Album Image for Sound Bites-Info-Notes)

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